Thursday, July 25, 2019

Consumer and advertising Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Consumer and advertising - Essay Example In advertising, the purpose of making claims is educating clients and raising their expectations (Best 20). A claim can be a statement of fact or merely an attempt to create hype. Some claims do not always reveal all the details. The Range Rover ad reveals a sleek car moving at a high speed in a road bend. The car appears majestic and lovely beyond words. Its wide body and red color make it appear regal and even wider. The smaller details in fine print further expounds on the virtues of the car and hidden benefits. The message is that the car is not only a powerful machine but also luxurious four-wheel drive road monster. While other cars may come close to the class of the Range Rover, the ad says that the car is still ahead even when placed head to head with similar cars. Therefore, the car deserves to be ranked first in a contest of equals. The Lamborghini ad states that the car is a raging bull. A red car, the car appears ready for action. A cursory glance at it reveals it is ready for contest. Like an enraged bull, the car is capable of reaching above average speeds. The image of a raging bull in the minds of people is strong bull hurtling at dangerous and even killer speed. That is the image the advertiser wants to communicate to the readers; that Lamborghini is a powerful car capable of attaining high speeds. As in the other ads, the Bentley ad says that the car is the best of the breed. A text box in the ad says that Bentley is more than a car. It is mysterious, magical, and majestic. The use of such words is designed to inspire awe in the mind of consumers. It is a claim that is hard to verify. However, for interested users, they have a choice of buying and testing the veracity of the claim. The claim also says that the car is mysterious. That is designed to arouse curiosity. People are naturally curious about things that are mysterious. They are also interested in learning about the secrets behind magic and what makes great things

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