Thursday, November 7, 2019

How to Write a Press Release

How to Write a Press Release How to Write a Press Release If your business has news to share, you can do so via a press release. But what exactly goes into a good press release? And how can you write one? Check out our tips below to find out. 1. Pick an Eye-Catching Headline Press releases are designed to get your business in the news, so treat them like a news story. And one thing that every good news story has is an eye-catching headline. Ideally, this will let the people you contact know exactly what your press release is about and why it is important. Try to keep your headline punchy, too. If you need more space to give extra detail, you can add a subheading after the main one. 2. Think About Your Goals The content of your press release will depend on what you want to achieve. Are you promoting an event? Letting customers or clients know about a change in your business? Think about: How your news affects your business and those involved What you want readers to take away from your press release How you want people to act upon this information If you can focus on these details, your press releases will be more effective. Make sure, too, to mention all the key players involved (e.g., staff, stakeholders, clients, and customers). 3. Make It Quotable Journalists love it when you make their lives easier. So if you want to get coverage from your press release, try to include the following: Soundbites from key players such as the company owner or CEO Statistics related to your news (e.g., number of sales, revenue increases) Any images you want used alongside your news Journalists can then use these when writing up the press release as news. 4. Pick the Perfect Time The timing of your press release is almost as important as its content. But the best time for a press release will depend on what you are writing about: When it is about something that has just happened, release it as soon as possible afterwards. If possible, write a draft version in advance. If it is about an upcoming event, send it 3-5 days before you need coverage. You may also want to include an embargo date for publication. In addition, it is usually best to send press releases first thing in the morning (e.g., 9am) when journalists will be checking their emails. On a similar note, the best days to send press releases are usually Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday (never send one on Friday before the weekend). Summary: How to Write a Press Release When writing press releases, keep the following tips in mind: Write an eye-catching headline to grab the reader’s attention Think about your goals and tailor its content accordingly Provide statistics and quotes from key players for journalists to use Think about the best date and time to send out your press release And don’t forget to get your business documents proofread! Click here to see our example press release.

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