Saturday, August 31, 2019

Ban the bags before its too late Essay

BAN THE BAG BEFORE ITS TOO LATE† is an article that was published in the Daily Chronicle on the 27th of May 2008. The article stresses the negative impact that plastic bags are having on the Australian Environment and that the Government needs to make an immediate change. The article is targeted towards the general public, particularly those who have an interest in the environment, animals and battling pollution. The heading of the article is in large, bold and in capital letters. This grabs the reader’s attention and before they have read through the article feel that the information they are about to read will be important. The words â€Å"before it’s too late† gives the reader a sense of urgency to read on and leaves them feeling that the topic may have an effect on their lives and makes them more susceptible to information provided. In an attempt to appeal to the reader’s sense of safety and health the writer mentions that this pollution is â€Å"clogging our landfills to the tune of 20,700 tonnes a year. Due to these confronting statistics fear is stuck into the reader and encourages them to agree with writer making the article more influential. Read more:  Heavy School Bags The statistics that the writer provides may manipulate readers into feeling as though the writer is superior. The knowledge that the writer is presenting in their expertise could then potentially intimidate and make the reader respect the writer. To enhance the emotional responses and have the audience in total agreement the writer also uses the expert opinion of the Chairman of Clean up Australia Ian Kiernan. According to the article, Kiernan stated a, along the lines of; â€Å"only a total ban on plastic bags would be effective in reducing the numbers being discarded and causing environmental damage. â€Å"Being exposed to the words of someone who had a lot of understanding on the subject makes it even harder to deny the message of the article. In conclusion the authors use of statistics, expert opinion and emotive language the writer persuades the reader into banning plastic bags and that it is the correct path to take in order to preserve our environment and to ban plastic bags.

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