Saturday, August 24, 2019

Business law (Qatar) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Business law (Qatar) - Essay Example Qatar is regarded as one of those wealthy countries in the world along with greatest mounting economies in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). It is worth mentioning that Qatar has introduced and developed trademark law for gaining help in conducting a business efficiently in varied domestic regions (Government of the State of Qatar, 2015). According to Qatar law, infringement is deemed to be regarded as one of the crucial issues. Thus, to prevent infringement in Qatar, domestic companies can register their trademarks according to industrial design governing the trademark, which came into effect after the year 2002. Companies are ought to commercially register for trademark law to get qualified for the respective services. Besides, any company in Qatar can use this trademark registration for ten years (WIPO, 2006). The various forms of trademark can be clearly understood from the following tabular representation: According to Qatar Trademark Law no. 3/1978, the Qatari official regulates the defense of trade as well as industrial marks. There lay certain specific processes or steps for registering the trademark for any company in Qatar (Government of the State of Qatar, 2015). According to the article 9 to 12, the processes of registering trademark have been discussed in detail below. Under the trademark law in Qatar, an owner of trademark can resort to civil remedies, if any case of infringement made by third party. Then, only the owner can forward this process along with filing a lawsuit before the court of civil jurisdiction (Simmons & Simmons, 2013). The respective government of Qatar is planning to adopt an effecting law to combat phishing as well as cyber-squatting, but this plan of the government is still waiting for the approval of higher authority of ministry. In relation to this consequence, cases related to online transactions as

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