Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Adult development Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Adult development - Essay Example t limited to; not being able to acquire a job because of lack of knowledge of a particular software, not being able to converse confidently with the peers at the workplace because of lack of knowledge of the subject of discussion, and not being able to apply the theoretical knowledge to practical situations in the workplace. As an adult, an individual needs to be more responsible in order to excel in the profession. It becomes more than just cramming things up to pass the exams, which is the approach towards learning adopted by a vast majority of the juveniles. One gets to realize the importance and significance of learning once one is required to exhibit the skills acquired through learning, and one’s professional growth, privileges, benefits, and the whole standard of living is associated with that. â€Å"As unemployment rises, along with employer concerns about worker skills, adult learners are returning to higher education in droves† (Cordes, 2009). As a result of t his realization, adults become more serious about learning. While they may have skipped classes in the schools to hang out with friends as juveniles, the same people tend to look for opportunities of learning, training, and skill development once they enter the professional life. An individual who was not serious about learning a software when the parents were paying the fee becomes so conscious and serious about learning that he/she wills to personally pay an institution to teach him/her that software. Tough life experiences make adults realize the importance of learning and thus, they approach learning as a ladder towards professional growth and success. IT can help adult learners in many ways. Firstly, learning through IT is a way that is best attuned to the learning style of the adults. A vast majority of adults spend considerable time using the Internet in the present age. Adults choose to use the Internet in the contemporary age in order to build contacts, and interact with friends and

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