Saturday, October 19, 2019

Can an effective crisis management plan in PR be prepared beforehand Essay

Can an effective crisis management plan in PR be prepared beforehand - Essay Example The aim of crisis management plan is to reduce the damage that occurs from crisis. Public Relation strategies for crisis management help to limit the damage that occurs due to crisis. Organizations should monitor the facts due to which the crisis occurred and listen to their stakeholders during a crisis situation. Management of the crisis by deciding on the key messages is exceptionally important as it is the best way to reach each group quickly. Managing spokesperson and responding to media quickly is also essential to reduce effects of crisis. A quick response regarding a crisis situation does not allow public and media to speculate rumours. Rumours are very dangerous because they impact the brand image of an organization. It is also important for employers and managers to develop proper platform that can help to prepare an appropriate communication with different stakeholders. Most of the organizations, in the contemporary era emphasize on the development of crisis management plan that can be incorporated beforehand. Public Relation has become an important tool for business organizations, non-profit and government organization because it helps to limit the chances of crisis related situations. While crisis cannot be avoided by organizations every time but with appropriate planning with help of public relation strategies and preparations, they can be managed. Marketing experts have many different opinions regarding the planning and execution of crisis management planning in Public Relations. Some people believe that crisis management planning cannot be incorporated beforehand, which is not appropriate. This essay elabor ates the crisis management techniques and provides evidences that prove that those techniques can be implemented before crisis occurs in organizations. There was a lack of implementation of theories on Public Relation practices in the past. This factor limited the research as there were no guidelines set for crafting

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