Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Advanced Accounting Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Advanced Accounting - Essay Example So that the combined totals for individual accounts may be increased or decreased so that only transactions with external parties are reflected in the consolidated amounts. Because they do not carry over from period to period (Peterson, 2012). Although most parent companies do possess 100 percent ownership of their subsidiaries, a significant number establish control with a lesser amount of stock. If the parent does not own 100% of the company (Peterson et al, 2012), WHO owns the rest of it? No controlling Shareholders. The ownership interests of the No controlling Shareholders must be reflected in the consolidated financial statements. The Parent, with controlling interest, must consolidate 100% of the Subsidiary’s financial information. The acquisition method requires that the subsidiary be valued at the acquisition-date fair value. Parker purchased 9,000 shares at $70 per share. The fair value of their consideration transferred is $630,000. The remaining 1,000 shares trade at $60 per share indicating that the fair value of the no controlling interest is $60,000. The total acquisition-date fair value of the sub is $690,000. The total acquisition-date fair value (amount paid) of Strong of $690,000 is greater than the fair value of the identifiable net assets acquired of $600,000 (10,000 shares x $60 per share). The difference is allocated to Goodwill. The parent first allocates goodwill to its controlling interest for the excess of the fair value of the parent’s equity interest over its share of the fair value of the net identifiable assets. ($600,000 X 90% = 540, 000). Goodwill allocated to the controlling and no controlling interests will not always be proportional to the percentages owned(Ittelson, 2009). Errors or omissions on the books of the subsidiary. Corrections should be made directly on the subsidiary’s books as of the date of acquisition. Excess of fair value over book

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